Our Camping Map

The road to follow in order to come to our Campsite is located between Upper Himara and Himara City (Spile). The name of this road is Livadh Rd. As you can see via Google Map or GPS (Navigator) this road can be approached through the National Road SH8 from Himara to Vlora and vice versa.

On the right of the map you can see the camping plan. As you enter from the main door to the campsite, on the left you can see the Bar & Restaurant and on the right side the car, motorcycle and bicycle parking. In Camping Kranea you can choose to come with your vehicle or you can choose any of the options that we offer, such as tents and caravans.

Camping Kranea Facilities

GPS Coordinates

GPS Latitude: 40 06 '27.37
GPS Longitude: 19 43 '37.50

Opening Hours

Camping Kranea
High Season 15/05 to 15/09
Low Season 01/03 to 15/05
& 16/09 to 15/11
Winter Season 15/11 to 01/03
Spring Time
From Monday - Sunday 24/7 open.
Summer Time
From Monday - Sunday 24/7 open.
Autumn Time
From Monday - Sunday 24/7 open.

Seasonal Offers

Low Season 15% discount!!!
Winter Season 50% discount!!!

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