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Camping Kranea Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in southwest Albania , in an ideal location, and 75 km south of Vlora city, about 30 km from the mountain of Logara also is around 60 km north from the ancient Butrint and 15 km away from the castle of Ali Pasha in Porto Palermo.

Camping Kranea Beach offers all the amenities that you need and this is because all the year we spend time to keep clean our camping, also we take care about green into it. Ornamental trees combined with olive trees are natural tents for campers.

GPS Coordinates

GPS Latitude: 40 06 '27.37
GPS Longitude: 19 43 '37.50

Opening Hours

Camping Kranea
High Season 15/05 to 15/09
Low Season 01/03 to 15/05
& 16/09 to 15/11
Winter Season 15/11 to 01/03
Spring Time
From Monday - Sunday 24/7 open.
Summer Time
From Monday - Sunday 24/7 open.
Autumn Time
From Monday - Sunday 24/7 open.

Seasonal Offers

Low Season 15% discount!!!
Winter Season 50% discount!!!

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